Featured Work


40 Aprons is a successful food blogger and digital marketing agency. 40 Aprons called on OKAY Media Co to produce a series of web recipe videos. 40 Aprons food and recipe blog sees nearly 2 million hits a month and this recipe for Egg Roll in a Bowl has seen a million impressions alone. It was a pleasure helping 40 Aprons realize a fresh way to entice viewers to try their recipes without the usual recipe video look.


Set of 4 promotional videos for Los Angeles based author and Speaker, Allison Fallon used on Facebook and e-mail campaigns. Supplied full production from front to end including re-edits for social promotion in vertical and 3:4 formats.


Mini-documentary for Memphis, TN based jewelry artist and maker. Funlola’s colorful and unique designs borrow from Moroccan textile and sculpture forms make a unique presentation of metal, form and color. Used as an artists documentary for potential customers to be acquainted with real, handcrafted, metal work, and promotional use on Instagram IGTV.

Paper & Clay - Mini DOC

Mini-documentary for Memphis, TN based Paper & Clay studio with home ceramics found in partnership with West Elm and Anthropologie, as well as their own storefront and website. Delivered 20-sec, 60-sec, post clips, and IGTV/Stories formats.


Crossfit Event Promotional Spot

Local CrossFit gym affiliate hired OKAY Media Co. to make a highlight reel for their local competition. Engagement on the video posted to social media generated heightened gym awareness and signups.

Cryo Clinic: Promotional spot

Sports recovery clinic promotional video for various client services. Delivered multiple 30-second Instagram highlights and full length promotional video.

2018 Reel: Multi-disciplinary Compilation

City of Riverside: Mini Doc

The Grove Village is a partnership with the City of Riverside to provide transitional shelter to residents. In this promotional video the mayor, contractors and facilitators tell their story.

Speaker Series: Promotional spot

Concept video for speaking series.